Investing in people

Why Cross Cultural training?


​Australia is a multiculural society. Most organisations  and businesses in Australia are becoming multiculural inevitably. Education is our third largest export attracting thousands of international students. The ability to deal with people interculturally is a new skill every Australian and those coming here for work, study or to live need to succeed in their life, business or education.


Cross cultural training and awareness is required because people organize and process information very differently. What one culture accepts as evidence is quite different from another. The basis for people's behavior or value systems also differ drastically across cultures.  Cross cultural training reduces worker alienation that can result from misunderstandings of etiquette, values, and behaviors. If done well, this can reduce costly discrimination suits or unnecessary terminations that result from misinterpretation of employee behavior.

Benefits of Cross Cultural Skills


  • Better communication despite accent and language barriers.

  • More effective motivation through accurate interpretation of behaviors

  • Design of culturally aware motivation strategies and environments 

  • Accurate evaluation of culturally diverse applicants and employees through a better understanding of presentation styles, behaviors, and use of language.

  • Harmony and comfort in the workplace through an understanding of the motivations and perspectives of others.

  • Minimises your managers' reluctance to hire and work with culturally diverse workers.

  • Arrest racism and discrimination that can result from misinterpretations of the behaviors of others.



We trained relocating employees of a Fortune 500 FMCG company in Australia on short term and long term assignments. The area of training involved cross culture sensitising training covering "Living & Working in Australia".



Our clients include multi-national corporations with multi-cultural staff, families and individuals moving countries, first time job seekers getting ready for work, international students, migration resource centers and churches involved in social work.



​We provide coaching, mentoring and training in leadership, business and life skills to help people lead, work well as individuals, in teams and in organisations and be effective in diverse vocations and situations of their calling in business and society. We invest in people.

GreenBanyan is a Sydney-based boutique training & consulting organisation that invests in people providing coaching, mentoring and training to help them suceed in

multi-cultural situations.


The Banyan Tree (Ficus Benghalensis)


The Banyan (ban.yan), a Fig species found in India, is known for its wide leafy canopy and adventitious roots that reaches out to the ground for support as the canopy grows away from the trunk. In ancient times, the shade of the banyan tree was a place of rest, renewal and rejuvenation for weary traders and travellers and a tranquil environment for sages to reflect on life's greater purpose.

GreenBanyan reflects these principles and enables personal and professional growth. Our ethos for training is to provide people with the opportunity to discover their potential and equip them for greater good of business and society.

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