​We connect ideas to people, people to ideas, and people to people across borders to solve problems that impact humanity at scale.  We focus on scientific breakthroughs such as drug therapies and technology solutions and provide access to those when traditional channels are overwhelmed 



COVID Solutions Taskforce is a team that focuses on finding solutions to India's COVID crisis. It seeks to identify ideas and implement them now! so that the country is better prepared to arrest severity of the disease and reduce mortality, taking a proactive approach to get ahead of the curve.

Green Banyan is a non-profit think-tank and partner network of individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, scientists, experts, media and other professionals that periodically come together to solve problems at scale. All our current resources are deployed for COVID solutions in India

The Banyan Tree (Ficus Benghalensis)


The Banyan (ban.yan), a Fig species found in India, is known for its wide leafy canopy and adventitious roots that reaches out to the ground for support as the canopy grows away from the trunk. In ancient times, the shade of the banyan tree was a place of rest, renewal and rejuvenation for weary traders and travellers and a tranquil environment for sages to reflect on life's greater purpose. GreenBanyan utilises these principles and provides the platform for critical thinking and problem solving 

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