• We have delivered training services to businesses, boutique training organizations and to organisations that don’t have full-fledged L&D teams.
  • Services delivered include coaching, mentoring and training in business and life skills. These services are offered on own material or material provided by customers.
  • We have created cross cultural training material specific to Australia for training organisations to augment their training team with cross-cultural resources.
  • Current beneficiaries of our services include multi-national corporations with multi-cultural staff, families and individuals moving countries, and NGOs.
Sub-contracted training services
We trained employees of several multi-national clients through a relocation firm


Our client is the world's largest privately owned movng company operating in over 60 countries. We were contracted to deliver very specific cross cultural training to their top clients in Australia including a large swiss multinational pharmaceutical company, a global credit rating firm and one of the world's largest FMCG companies. We trained highly qualified medical professionals and procurement specialist deputees from Asian, African, & American cultures on short to medium term assignments in Australia. The training were offered for living and working in Australia with emphasis on interpersonal skills, communication and work practices.

NGOs & not for profit organisations 
We trained both small teams and large groups on specfic cross cultural skills


We delivered stand up training to various NGOs including a migrant resource center on cross-cultural skills, interpersonal skills, planning and prioritising, communication skills, living and working in Australia. These have been in small group settings of 12 - 15 participants each. We have also conducted large group sessions for 30 -40 people each.

A leading boutique training Firm
We created training resources for a boutique training firm


When one of Sydney's boutique training firms wanted to augment their cross-cultural  training capability they came to us for help. We created program and training materials comprising information booklets, country guides, data sheets, activity guides, e-learning assessments and training manuals. These assets were used by front line trainers in their classrooms.